Bubble Wands and Goodbye Toddlergarten!

IMG_8662 Today was our last day of Toddlergarten! We colored with crayons, played, ate fruit slushies, and made bubble wands. I invited the parents to join us in the yard at the end, and we had a nice relaxing time together. Next September we will start up again, but this time as “preschoolers” with our new name~ Little Bird Learning. Millie has been playing school lately and taking her baby dolls to “Tom Tom Little Mouse Learning School”. I wonder where she got that idea… IMG_8666 IMG_8671

To make our bubble solution we mixed water, dish soap, and sugar. I can’t really tell you the ratios as my little experimenters took matters into their own hands and were mixing up a storm, but it worked! We tested it out inside, then brought everything outside to include the parents in the craft. The children threaded beads onto jewelry wire, then we twisted it around sticks to add decoration to our wands. The rounded bubble-making tops are pieces of colored wire also twisted around the sticks.


Our final circle time~

“Where are the frogs when the north wind blows? We cannot see them in the ice and snow! Deep deep down in the mud they lie…. Froggies sleeping with tight closed eyes.”


“But when the warm Spring sun comes out, frogs wake up and jump about, jump about, jump about. Frogs wake up and jump about. Oh how happy they will be, a Springtime world they will see!”


Goodbye toddlers!!!



2 thoughts on “Bubble Wands and Goodbye Toddlergarten!

  1. this is beautiful, is this in your home? wish there was something like this close to us!

    Enjoy the summer ‘break’, we will be starting ‘gnomeygarden’ (our Kindergarten) in September 🙂 We will be following your journey.

    Very new to this but I have a blog started at theseasonsandtheirgnomes.wordpress.com if you fancy a look I will be blogging about our gnomeygarden adventures x


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