Strawberry Time

Last Saturday we visited our favorite farm for the first weekend of strawberry picking. On Friday night I made a little strawberry gnome to surprise Millie in the morning. I’ve been learning all I can about the Waldorf inspired nature table and it’s role in signalling seasonal changes to young children. One idea I just love is to make little nature dolls that come and go as the real thing appears outside. At the end of last week we started to find little juicy strawberries in our garden, hidden under their big umbrella leaves. I remember last year when Millie had just turned two she simply couldn’t wait for them to turn red- she would turn over every leaf until she found a fresh green strawberry, then pop it into her little mouth! It’s fun to see the change in her now as she leaves the green ones and only picks the red, first bringing it to show me. Such restraint!

With this symbol of June and the signal of Summertime ripening in our garden and at the farm, so appeared a little gnome doll on the breakfast table:


The weather was just perfect at the farm- sunny with a little breeze and deliciously warm. I had to sit this one out as the baby was pushing on my leg nerves, so Millie and Daddy went off to the fields as I sat at the picnic tables with my watercolors.




Last week we also painted some butterflies to decorate for Summer. Our dining table is looking very cheery at the moment!

imageimageHappy June!


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