Making an Autumn Wreath

 Making an Autumn wreath is a wonderful way to notice what is happening in the garden (or forest, or neighborhood…) when the Earth is preparing for sleep.

We found some plants already dried and “poky”, ready to spread their seeds, while others were still alive and soft. When we twisted them onto our base form, some plants dropped or flung their seeds onto the table! What fun that was.


To start, we cut down a piece of wisteria  bush that had a few vines twisted together. We carefully manipulated it into a wreath form and twisted the ends around. Then we searched the garden for beautiful things to add. Once inside, we spread everything out on the table and sorted big, medium, small, to add in that order. The children instinctually knew what to do (after seeing me twist the base form together) and began poking stems in and twisting them to secure it.

I think it turned out beautifully! A lovely way to celebrate the season. We can’t wait to see how it changes as the weeks pass. Maybe we’ll find more treasures to add.


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