Waldorf Window Transparency Tutorial :: Lantern Walk

Here is a quick guide to tell you how to make this fun craft for your window. I have included a pattern of my above design at the bottom of this page, but you could most certainly make up your own as well. Unfortunately my scanner cut off part of the outside of the frame, but you can get the idea and trim as necessary by looking at the photo above. You may have to mess around with your printer settings to make sure it’s as close to a full sheet of paper that you can get, and remember to set it for landscape.

{You can find some information about the Lantern Walk and Martinmas here: http://theparentingpassageway.com/2010/11/10/a-waldorf-view-of-martinmas/}

So there are a few ways you can begin: print the pattern in black (8.5×11) onto thick paper (coverstock, cardstock, or matte photo paper would all work). Or you could draw/copy the design (or do your own) onto black construction paper or thick black craft paper using a pencil. Once you have your pattern, you then turn it into a frame by cutting out the white areas. You may use a very sharp exacto knife, but I just used the smallest scissors I had and it worked out fine.

After you have your black frame cut out, you will begin adding colored paper that light can shine through. I used regular tissue paper from the craft store, but you can also use “kite paper” (colored wax paper) sold by most Waldorf stores (Bella Luna Toys, Nova Naturals, etc). I used a combination of a glue stick and elmer’s glue to attach my tissue paper. You just need to work carefully so it doesn’t rip, and make sure you are only gluing to the back of the frame on the black part so that it doesn’t show on the front. You will be working with the frame’s back facing upwards the whole time, only flipping it over to hold it up to the light to see how it looks. Does that make sense?

The technique is simple once you get the hang of it. For the lanterns, start with your darkest shade of orange closest to the lantern, then work outwards cutting and glueing bigger circles in lighter shades of yellow. So mine went like this: cut 3 small orange circles, dab tiny amount of glue on the backs of the 3 lanterns, position orange circles. Next cut 3 light orange circles, dab of glue in same place, position circles. Repeat with one or two shades of yellow (darkest yellow first, lightest yellow will be the last/biggest circle).

For the night sky you will need a medium blue. Cut it to fit the whole top half of the frame. Then carefully lay the whole thing on top of the blue piece and trace the outline of the yellow lantern lights with pencil onto the blue. Cut that away so that the blue barely overlaps the yellow. As you can see I also cut 5 stars out of my blue. Then glue the blue to the back of your frame. To make the layering effect you see near the trees, simply use more blue (same shade or darker) and cut small pieces to create shadows criss-crossing each other.

Next you will make the grass. For this you want to work light to dark to give the illusion of the lanterns lighting up the ground closest to the little elf children. Start with your lightest green and cut/glue to fit the bottom half of the frame. Then cut a medium green into a rolling/bumpy hill shape, glueing it behind the light green. Next use a dark green (or the same medium green if you only have two shades) to create a third layer at the bottom.

I added a few little dark green leaves to the tree branches and small white circles behind the star cutouts.

That’s it! When it’s dry you can hang it flat against the window by putting tape or putty on the back of the black frame. It is magical to watch the picture change as the sun moves past the window.

I hope this was helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!


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