Homemade Play Dough



1 C flour

1/2 C salt

2 T cream of tarter

1 T vegetable oil

1 C water

(Optional: food coloring or liquid watercolors)


Combine all ingredients in a medium pot*. Heat over med/low until everything is combined, stirring constantly. When the mixture forms a dough and begins pulling away from the sides of the pot it is done. The trick to getting soft dough is to take it out of the pot when it still looks a little sticky- past this point it will start to get crumbly. Let it cool a few minutes on the table, then knead together and play!

*If you want one color you can add it to the pot before heating. If you want more than one color then divide into balls after it has cooked. Press a hole with your finger and add a few drops of color, then knead until you get a uniform color.

We made the three primary colors- blue, yellow, and red- then mixed them by hand in small amounts to make our rainbow. After it was done the children added clouds and birds to the scene.



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