Valentine’s Day



We had a wonderful Friendship Party last week. For our craft in the days leading up we made paper heart pockets which we sewed together with yarn. At home everyone made valentines to put in each other’s heart pocket. There was quite a buzz of excitement all week in anticipation! 

On Thursday when the children arrived they placed their valentines in a basket. Normally we start the morning outside, but there was a strong wind chill that kept us in. Luckily we had some fun large motor games planned for indoors. I had hidden ten paper hearts around the play space, and in a flurry of running and jumping for joy, everyone searched for them. One was found in the wooden barn, one in the doll’s bed, one in a tin pot… Every so often we lined them all up to count how many we had, and figure out how many were still missing. Finally when all the hearts were found the children took them and settled into free play.  

For our snack we made pretzels (to go with some special fruit- strawberries cut into heart shapes, and pink lady apples). 

{recipe here: Vegan Soft Baked Pretzels}
As each child finished washing her hands I handed her an apron to signal the start of baking time. Millie loves to tie knots so she went around helping everyone with their apron strings. 

We mix the dough

We knead the dough

We let it rise…

We punch the dough

And pat the dough

It grows before our eyes…

Hot, brown loaf

From a little ball

It rises up

to feed us all.   


   Once the dough was made we covered it with a cloth to rest and rise in the sunshine. 

Then we played our Valentine’s game that we have been learning at circle time. This is how the song and movements go:


“I sent a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it.”

(All sit in a circle. One child skips around the circle with a small silk and then drops it behind another child)

“A little puppy picked it up and put it in her pocket.”

(Second child picks up the silk and stands up)

“Round and around and around they go, round and around and around they go, (first child) may sit down now.”

Both skip around the circle together then the first child sits down. The game begins again with the second child skipping around.


  I napped baby Arlo in the ergo carrier as I washed the dishes from baking. Everyone popped in and out of the kitchen to help shape the dough and then watch when I dropped them into the boiling water. After getting a sprinkle of salt from little hands, the pretzels were popped into the oven. We gathered on the rug for Circle while they baked.

Follow, follow, follow

Follow, follow, me

Let’s gather for our circle

And hold hands merrily.

As soon as we had sung our last song the timer dinged. Magic! I took the pretzels out to cool as the children set the table for snack.  


 We had such a long snack time that I decided to tell our February story of The Root Babies at the table while they finished eating. After that we gathered on the rug to pass out the Valentines.   What a special morning we had! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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