March in the preschool

The birds are returning with beautiful songs so loud we can hear them through our windows in the morning. We watch squirrels hurriedly carrying stacks of brush up to their nests in the bare trees. Ground bees wiz by our feet in the woods as the children run by in rain pants and boots. Each day we check for buds and shoots in the yard- who remembers what grows here? Let’s wait and see.   

Even though the trees are not green- yet- we can feel the earth stirring, and something inside of us stirs too! A beautiful season of rebirth, new growth, breathing out slowly, and waiting patiently. There are so many lessons we can learn and experience over and over again as we observe the natural cycles of the year.


  {{outside: raking, digging, carrying, scooping, mixing, running, balancing: tying and twisting leaves and twigs to make “wasp toys”: discovering some rocks will draw marks on other rocks: clearing the blanket of leaves from the garden beds to find plants returning: stopping our work and play to notice geese honking over head, flying in their tell-tale V formation~ “what a beautiful design they’re making!”, blue skies and bright sunshine}}

We have reached a nice rhythm with our circle songs. Each season I introduce a new circle slowly- one song to start, adding more rhymes and movement games as time passes until we have built up to about 7 or 8 parts by the end of the season. So far our Spring Circle  is shaping up very nicely!  I love the flexibility of being at home with a small group. We are able to tailor everything to fit our needs. Sometimes we do our circle outside in the grass. On Tuesday we sang our songs at the table while working on a craft (try to imagine a bunch of preschoolers singing in unison while wrist-deep in paper mache paste, arms reaching for strips of paper and working all the while). Here are the songs we are singing in March:

1. Look at the beauty, the spring time is coming, heya, heyo, heya, heyo, heya, heyo.

2. Early one morning, clearly I heard, out in my garden, songs of a bird 

(both hands facing outward rise up and out to make a sun rising, hand to ear to listen, one hand “growing” and wiggling fingers for “flowers” in the garden, hand turns into bird with beak opening and closing) repeat song 3-4 times 

3. Little hare so fast asleep, Little hare oh are you ill, that you lie so quiet and still? Hop little hare, hop little hare, hop anywhere! 

(All in a circle, one “sleeping” in the middle, wakes and hops to another friend, repeat until all have had a turn being the hare) 

 March snacks~ 

Tuesday: kale chips, strawberries, Cabot cheddar cheese

Thursday: Millet cakes, Apple/carrot salad with golden raisins and honey

We’ve been spending so much time outdoors that inside I’ve been limiting what toys are “open” for play (since we only have about 15 minutes!). It’s going very well so I’ll make a separate post about that soon. Here is some block building from this week: 

 I’ll also make a separate post about our recent arts and crafts which have been a lot of fun. Here is a link to the first two songs including audio:



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